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Athletes can know their hemoglobin instantly with Ember

Athletes can know their hemoglobin instantly with Ember

Cercacor has produced a wearable which will provide you with real-time data The product we are talking about is “Ember.”

Ember is a new idea which shed light on the vitals of your body. It measures all the inner elements you want without needing or wasting your blood. With the help of 8 LED sensor the data is measured and is sent to you through a Smartphone app. The device will measure your hemoglobin and pulse rate within 90 seconds.

Athletes can know their hemoglobin instantly with Ember

The wearable is very easy to use. All you have to do is to connect it with Smartphone. Now, place the sensor on your finger and keep it into the same place for about 90 seconds. After getting the result, athletes can share the result with coach and the other concerned to know about their vital statistics paired with the game.

Ember is significant for athletes because our hemoglobin changes from time to time. As for athletes they go through some very heavy workout sessions and them intense game plays’. Ember will help you to test the hgb level pre and post the workout sessions. Also, the device can also measure both hemoglobin and pulse rate without any damage. Moreover, by using Ember three times a day, that are, early morning, pre-workout and post-workout, athletes will be able to build a trend and see what kind of impact such heavy activities leave on their body.

Athletes can know their hemoglobin instantly with Ember

Jarrod Shoemaker, Professional Triathlete and Olympian, praised the product and said;

“I think that all athletes would benefit from an easy device that allows them to monitor their hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen, so knowing what those numbers look like is an advantage. There’s also a big advantage to anybody going to altitude for training camps or periods of time. I found that once I got into the routine of testing morning and night as well as pre and post workouts, it was very easy. I was able to see my hemoglobin on a regular basis and see the effects of altitude on my body.”

Colleen Golick, 3 Time US National Champion and 2 Time National Record Holder, told;

 “By accumulating data points and correlating it with my performance, I can see what hemoglobin levels I perform best at. I can then try to fine-tune my activities leading up to a race so that I can get my body to those optimal levels.”

The device along with the package is expected to ship soon. The package would include, an Ember device, 1 Sensor (5,000 measurements), 1 USB to Type-C cable for charging and 1 User Guide. You can pre-order it now for $499.

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