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Are you ready to #Hydrate Mate?

Are you ready to #Hydrate Mate?

Hydration is the topic which has not been much used in the wearable world. Now, an Award Winning Gadget has jumped to solve the worries of all Sports geek who forget to keep themselves enough water-filled. Hydrate Mate is not really a wearable but that you wear but it is something that you plug in with the hydration bladder.

The world’s only electronic fuel will monitor and find out how much liquid you are drinking and how much essential liquid is left. After finding out what it needs, the data will be sent to a connected Smartphone app. The app will inform you with the important details and will also let you know how much more liquid is required in your hydration pack. As we told you, it’s like viewing all the details from an electronic fuel gauge.

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Are you ready to #Hydrate Mate?

Hydrate Mate has fitted sensors inside its hydration pack with the help of Ricco Associates; a UK based Engineering Company, which can calculate and inform you with the amount of liquid left inside the pack. Moreover, there is an additional internal accelerometer which will measure the angle of your bladder to ensure that the measurements of the bladder positioning are accurate in the hydration pack.

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The Smartphone app will be connected to the Hydration pack with the help of Bluetooth. The app will work on both Android and iPhone devices. The battery life of the pack is about 3,888 hours of continuous use. It means that you can use the device for about 6 years, if you use it for 12 hours a day. The battery life is great; it will be showed to you through the app. Also, 12 hours a day is an ideal condition. No one will need hydration pack this long. Right? Moreover, when the device is not in use, it will turn into the “hibernation mode.” This means that your battery won’t be used all day long.

Are you ready to #Hydrate Mate?

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Hydrate Mate is expected to ship around July, 2016. The first 100 people to back on Indiegogo will be able to get a whooping discount of 50%. It means that they would have to pay £19.99 instead of £39.99. Early backers will also get 1 free Hydrate Mate running buff. The rewards continue till the offer closes. If you are interested in keeping yourself hydrated with Hydrate Mate back the device now. You can check more details on Indiegogo here.



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