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Are you ready to buy “hundred dollars” wearable?

Vertu-the leader in smartphones is now entering wearable market
Vertu-the leader in smartphones is now entering wearable market

Wearable Tech is the talk of the town nowadays. Everyone who can buy the luxurious smartwatches or fitness trackers or whatever new sensors; are rushing to have one.

Similarly, the wearable industry is constantly seeing some classic changes. Sometimes in the form of wearable jacket or other times in player tracking sensors technology etc.  Likewise, some of the new products are just toys in the hands of the rich.

The news is that the world’s renowned luxury phone maker Vertu is planning to step up in the market too. It must be kept in mind that Vertu is the sole smartphone manufacturing company which sells £10,000 phones made from hyper fancy materials. So, the entry into this new world is not surprising but we can only guess that what their new products are going to costs or what components would be they made of.

We are yet not confirm that whether Vertu would be debuting with some smartwatch or jewelry. Vertu’s CEO Max Pogliani seems confident and excited about his new venture and told in his statement to CNET that entering into a wearable tech world is interesting for him. He further said;

“I think it is getting to a level of maturity which is worth having a look for us.”

Pogliani is of the ideology that they will do something different rather than manufacturing some device which becomes eye candy or get the immediate attention of public. Pogliani has always been confident when it comes to think of the new idea or perfection. He is one of those people who want to launch a product after a lot of time but when it strikes the public it has no match.

“How Vertu can fit in this space is what we are looking at the moment. For us, it will not be just another product — it has to deliver the full DNA in terms of design, materials and functionality.”

The above response clearly points towards the direction that we are not going to get some mainstream wearable but rather a boss in the industry.

Another important thing is that Vetu’s products are always meant for VIPs. It means that No! You cannot save your pocket money or the meager salary left after monthly expenses to buy their new product. The company has used marvels like Alligator skin and pure sapphire crystal displays as a part of their smartphone, so we are confirm that it is going to cost a lot in terms of money.

All we get to know until now is that there can be smart jewelry or smartwatch with carrying up to hundred dollars of price tag. It remains to be seen if the product is just good for the price or the specifications are really unique.

Are you excited for this new product? Let us know in the comments section.

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