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Are You A Fashion Geek? These Are The Wearables You Should Buy!

Fashion Wearables

Sports Wearable have been covering a lot from the best available around the wearable tech industry. From time and again we have told you about different wearables which benefit you in sports, health and other aspects of life. This time around we has something with embellishments for the fashion geeks.

Wearables nowadays aren’t a necessity; rather they have become a commodity. In simple language, the users are not buying wearable just for the sake of collecting information while sticking the device to any part of their body. But, more and more wearers especially females are attracted to the fashionable sense of the device. It means that the wearable tech has succeeded in grasping a lot amount of audience by just targeting the fashion wearable lovers.

So, if you are a fashion lover and you want a wearable which is fitness plus fashion then you are at the right place. We have made a list of the wearables which are more chick than the other fitness tech available. Have a read and keep in mind that the list is not priority based as all the fashion wearables are of different categories;


The nevo balade parisienne edition is a style shaker wrapped on activity tracker. The fitness tracker cum Smartwatch is the updated version of the company’s previous efforts. The lineup has four different styles to the already conceived idea. The four new models are named as; – Lepic, Saules, Ravignan and Tertre.

The new lineup is more about style and a little less about activity tracking. The tracking is limited to calories counting, distance measurement, steps counting and sleep tracking etc. The hands of the watch are powered by “Swiss movement”. Nevo lineup is also 5ATM water resistant.

The device is not much when it comes to the fitness area but it is definitely ‘the most wanted wearable’ among those who prefer fashion and style more than health and fitness.






Neyya Smart Ring puts the world on your fingers. The ring is made of a pure, stainless steel. The base is steel while the top part of the ring is smooth and textured. A capacitive touchpad with a tiny indicator LED is also included. The main purpose of the touchpad in this ring is to work as an interface. The surface of the touchpad can work as directed; you can swipe up, down, left, right as well as press or tap for many other features.

The Neyya app also promises a large number of other features controlled by the ring including Roku and GoPro devices or using it as a presentation tool in apps like PowerPoint. It is available in gold finish or titanium finish. It’s definitely something fashion geeks can’t ignore.


AmazonTarget, Neyya




Tago Arc is the perfect wearable. The wearable all fashion and style lovers need to buy now, right now. Go buy it now and thank me later. The Tago Arc Bracelet is the first wearable ever which needs no charging. Yes, you have heard it right. It doesn’t require charging at all.

With the help of NFC technology and full E Ink display, the user can happily change the design whenever they want. Yes, you can pair your Smart bracelet with the new outfit you just got and were wondering which jewelry to pair with it. This bracelet is the absolute savior; it will never get old as you can change the design whenever you want. There is a specific “Tago App” through which you can create your own design or choose from already listed thousands of designs. Download your selected design on the Smartphone and tag it to the bracelet.

The Tago Arc is simple and lightweight fashionable bracelet. It has three different hues, silver, black and gold. You can read more about it here. And this bracelet can be worn by men too!






Link is the world’s first smart clasp. The clasp is capable of converting any watch into Smartwatch. This factor is enough to attract many, but considering the fashion quotient we are talking about. It is no less! It fills the gap created by the style, sleekness and sheer beauty of the Luxury Watches while also paving the way to all the functions Smartwatches have to offer.

LINK is an electronic watch clasp that can be added to most of the watches. It has an absolutely alluring and to-the-point touchscreen, which connects your normal watch to the Smartphone. LINK can notify you with E-mails, Incoming Texts, calls, Calendar Alerts, etc to your normal Watch. You will also be able to send instant replies when busy with some urgent meeting or driving. Push Alerts and Notifications will be sent to you too. LINK also works as an activity tracker.

LINK has an amazing curved OLED display wrapped in sapphire crystal. It will be available in Gold, Rose Gold, Black Polished, Stainless and Chrome Finishes. There are also Premium Croco Leather Straps in 3 different Colors. You can read more about it here.






Polar is accredited to be the first company in the world which developed a wireless heart rate monitor. Nowadays, Polar has its own lineup of smart wearables. The Polar Loop amalgamates fashion and health tech together. It includes training guidance, smart notifications, inactivity alerts, sleep tracking and activity tracking. Polar has also partnered with Swarovski for this venture.

The wearable has a shiny stainless steel bezel with a total of 30 Swarovoski crystals. The wearable has a feminine touch to it and it definitely looks like a bracelet. Again, this is the bracelet no fashion lover can ever miss. You can find all the details about it here.





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