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Are You A Fashion Geek? These Are The Wearables You Should Buy!

Fashion Wearables

Sports Wearable have been covering a lot from the best available around the wearable tech industry. From time and again we have told you about different wearables which benefit you in sports, health and other aspects of life. This time around we has something with embellishments for the fashion geeks.

Wearables nowadays aren’t a necessity; rather they have become a commodity. In simple language, the users are not buying wearable just for the sake of collecting information while sticking the device to any part of their body. But, more and more wearers especially females are attracted to the fashionable sense of the device. It means that the wearable tech has succeeded in grasping a lot amount of audience by just targeting the fashion wearable lovers.

So, if you are a fashion lover and you want a wearable which is fitness plus fashion then you are at the right place. We have made a list of the wearables which are more chick than the other fitness tech available. Have a read and keep in mind that the list is not priority based as all the fashion wearables are of different categories;



The nevo balade parisienne edition is a style shaker wrapped on activity tracker. The fitness tracker cum Smartwatch is the updated version of the company’s previous efforts. The lineup has four different styles to the already conceived idea. The four new models are named as; – Lepic, Saules, Ravignan and Tertre.

The new lineup is more about style and a little less about activity tracking. The tracking is limited to calories counting, distance measurement, steps counting and sleep tracking etc. The hands of the watch are powered by “Swiss movement”. Nevo lineup is also 5ATM water resistant.

The device is not much when it comes to the fitness area but it is definitely ‘the most wanted wearable’ among those who prefer fashion and style more than health and fitness.