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Arccos Course Analyzer – Your Virtual Golf Caddie

Golfers will no longer be left behind in this age of ultra tech sports equipment. Though many startups have been trying to revolutionize this sports with their smart products, we believe only Arccos has succeeded so far. Arccos has been developing smart equipment to help amateur golfers enhance their game for quite a few years now.

Only recently Arccos had introduced its innovative tracking system, the Arccos 360.

On January 24 at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, Arccos announced that it will collaborate with Microsoft to a cutting edge analytics and insights system to help golfers play their game smarter. It is the combination of Arccos’ performance tracking and data set of 50 million golf shots with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and Azure Machine Learning, which is part of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence.

In the initial phase, Arccos Course Analyzer will be developed by this team. It will layer the data of Arccos users on top of 40,000+ courses mapped across the company’s system. It will facilitate with more individualized recommendations for optimal strategies on almost every golf hole across the world. It will make your smartphone your ultimate personal golf coach by analyzing numerous factors to suggest you tricks to improve your game.

According to Sal Syed, CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos, “Our goal is to create the most advanced Artificial Intelligence platform for golf.”

The golfer can view the stats instantly on his smartphone for timely improvements. The information monitored by this platform include GPS Distances to Front, Center and Back of Green, Club Distances and Averages, Fairways Hit or Missed, Greens in Regulations, Putting Statistics and many more.

The current Arccos users can access this futuristic course analyzer in the spring later this year. The minimum data required to unlock it is 5 recorded rounds and then you are all set to experience the most amazing virtual golf caddie.

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