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AquaKara: The Hydration Pack You Need

AquaKara is a hydration pack which has been designed by veterans for athletes, cyclists, runners, gymnasts, bikers, hikers, climbers etc.

AquaKara, a one of its kind wearable hydration system which has been designed specifically for active movements. While AquaKara can be used with sedentary lifestyle but its distinctive and unique design allows the athletes and physically active people to wear it while performing a number of vigorous and energy consuming exercises without it ever getting in the way of the wearer. It has a backpack portion which is sleek in style and design and contains a bladder which can hold upto a litre of water maintaining low profile. There are elastic panels on each side of the backpack which helps the bladder to move freely along with wearer in order to cause no hindrance. The bladder is contained in a flat, minimalistic sort of bag which is made up of 1000 Denier Cordura. This material is screen print friendly as well as water resistant.

The Genius of AquaKara!

Three sets are available for the consumer use.

Set One:

Set one has the following features:

  1. Sleek and trim, low profile design.
  2. Drink tube feeds on each side.
  3. 6+ Points-of-Contact Strapping System without Chest Crossover
  4. Strong magnetized spout retainers.

Set Two:

Set two comes with the following features:

  1. Wide zipper to access the bladder.
  2. A small compartment for your smart-phone, ID card etc.
  3. High quality 1L water reservoir for hindrance free movement with max hydration.
  4. “Fit For Motion” design- designed exclusively for bikers, hikers, cyclists, climbers etc.

Set Three:

Set three has the following features:

  1. Each AquaKara backpack comes with two sets of removable straps (S/M and X/XL) unique to the wearer.
  2. The outer structure of AK backpack is made up of 1000 Denier Cordura which is a water resistant material. It is also scratch and wear and tear proof.
  3. It comes with a substantial luggage quality material.
  4. It comes with a variety of colours for the consumers to choose.

AquaKara will be soon available on KickStarter. It is a unique invention praise worthy of its genius.

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