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How Could Apple’s Macbook perform in 4th Quarter of 2017?

Apple had a share of massive 8.2% in global Personal Computer market at the conclusion of 4Q17 according to the estimates made by IDC (International Data Corporation), a research firm in international market. Meanwhile, Worldwide Personal Computer shipments have risen from 4Q16’s 70.1 million to 4Q17’s 70.6 million units which marked a 0.7% YoY rise. Apple’s MacBook also saw a rise in shipments in this time period as it rose from 5.4 million units to 5.8 million units with a 7.4% YoY rise.

For year 2017, It is estimated by IDC that shipments will see a rise of 5.9% YoY with its 19.7 million units. Comparatively, Global shipments have climbed down to 259.5 million units by a small margin of 0.2% YoY.

At the conclusion of year 2017, HP claims back the top spot in personal computer market with it 22.7% share. This 22.7% share means a rise in 20.9% from last year. Lenovo is leading the market at second place with a share of 21.1%, slightly lower than HP. Yet, Lenovo saw a drop in popularity as compared to last year as it had a market share of 21.3% by the end of 2016.

Other leading companies in personal computer market include giants like Acer group, Asus and Dell with their shares of 6.8%, 6.6% and 16.1% respectively.

Neha Mahajan, Senior analyst and researcher at IDC, believes that development in mobile form is affecting the overall PC market in the United States and it is one of the reasons for the PC market for not rising up to the expectations. She said “The solid holiday consumer sales provided enough momentum for the PC market to stabilize a bit further. However, the growing popularity of other mobile form factors continued to have a dampening effect and led the overall U.S. PC market to perform below expectations.”


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