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Apple Watch Series 8 Features Which May NOT Be Included After All!


Some Apple Watch Series 8 Features may not be included after all! And that’s sad news for the health enthusiasts who were looking forward to some exceptional health-related features from Apple in their upcoming version.

The new Apple Watch Series 8, expected to arrive later this year, had high expectations from the general masses. As grapevine says it, the Apple watch was to come with features such as skin temperature and blood pressure monitor, and glucose sensor. This was predicted by the New York times and also the Wall Street Journal, which placed the idea that the new Apple will have such health-related features that are unique and may have never been presented in the past at all. With its use, the user will be able to measure blood pressure and also keep track of its data at regular intervals. Also, the watch could be used to measure body temperature. And along with body temperature, the watch could be used to record fertility data as well.

But now, according to the latest newsletter from Bloomberg, these will not be possibly included. Mark Gutan of Bloomberg has revealed that thorough research is being carried out to implement this idea, but it seems like the task is too complex for now. And that it may take a few years before this could be done. Hopefully, later generations of Apple smartwatches may support these features, till then we keep our fingers crossed.

Moreover, the facility to use the Uber app via their Apple smartwatches to book a ride will also not be available. This has been obtained from a report by McRumors. The Apple company no longer supports the Uber app. Users are shown a message asking them to download the Uber mobile app on their iPhones. Also in their store, this particular app has been removed from the list.

For the time being, this is what we know about these Apple Watch Series 8 Features which will not be included. Keep watching this space, we will update you as soon as we get more information on the same topic.


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