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Apple Watch Series 3 – What To Expect

For all the Apple fans out there, there is a good news regarding Apple Watch Series 3. For all those who have enjoyed Apple Watch 2, would definitely love this next version, launching in September 2017. As like any other Apple product, we are not sure about the exact changes that are upcoming in Series 3 but if rumours are to believe then expect some changes in design as well as new features.

What Was Apple Watch Series 2 About?

Before making a wishlist for Apple Watch Series 3, we should highlight what was Apple Watch 2 about. It was launched in September 2016 with features of having GPS, being water resistant, having a brighter display and dual-core processor. Just when we knew that things couldn’t get any better than this, Apple announced the launch of Apple Watch 3.

Expectations From Apple Watch Series 3:

It is expected for Apple Watch 3 to have 4GB and 8GB models, helping runners in being less dependent on their iPhones. It is also expected that Series 3 will be having a new FaceTime camera, different straps and even a circular design along with the square one.

  • Front Facing Camera: Front-facing camera for taking selfies and doing FaceTime is being expected but this feature is not announced yet. However, this feature does sound interesting.
  • Multi-Functional Band: Apple is also considering a multi-functional band, which could also be magnetic. This wristband will have a set of magnets embedded into it and those magnets will make two sides join together. Which basically means that, when a person wear it, those magnets would hold the Apple watch in place.

  • Display: Talking about the display, it is said that Apple Watch 3 might have thinner Micro LED panels, which will not need back-lighting like the current LED panels in Apple Watch 2. These Micro LED panels will make display more bright and would be capable of providing with great resolutions.

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