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Apple Watch Rugged Model for Extreme Sports coming up for Athletes


The Apple Watch Rugged Model for Extreme Sports might be coming up for Athletes very soon.

Hopefully, this new rugged model will be aimed for use specifically by athletes and sportspersons. Apple is a big name, it refreshes its smartwatch models each year in September. Last year in 2020, it launched a local version of Apple Watch SE which was quite reasonable. It did this in a ceremony hosted for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6.

According to a latest report from people involved in the development, Apple is planning to add a rugged variant to the existing models in 2021or by beginning of 2022. This watch may differ in size and shape, and also design specifications definitely.

This Apple watch rugged model is presumably supposed to be having a Casio G-shock model type build. Called the Explorer Edition, it will have an impact-resistant casing. With a rubberised exterior, this type of watch will be well suited for extreme environments. Better than aluminium, steel or titanium casings usually found in Apple watches. Adventurists, explorers and enthusiast sportspersons must keep an eye on this upcoming gadget for its going to be a delight for them. Apple products never fail to disappoint. And they always come with latest innovative design schemas that are top class.

The rugged model to come up may only be a speculation. Apple has yet to confirm this news in the grapevine. The watch can either be cancelled or may be delayed for unknown reasons. Besides this news, there are reports for Apple currently working on a new swim-tracking feature. Lets keep our fingers crossed for what’s being finalised by the Apple company.


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