Despite being only available in last three months of 2018, Apple Watch 4 still ended up as the most best selling smart watch of last year beating all of it’s competitors and even its own predecessor.

As reported by a Counterpoint research, Cupertino Outfit occupied over more than 37% of the world wide smart watch market last year. This is 6% less than year 2017. Even though the shipments increased by more than 22% during the year 2018. Despite after being considerably far ahead of other major players of wearables industry, the share of Apple in this market is still expected to drop even further due to the increase in number of competitors.

Imoo, a brand based heavily in Asia, is firmly occupying the second spot in this market with it’s 10% shares. Imoo has a variety of products but it is centered heavily on smart watches for children and toddlers.

Samsung sits on the third place with its 9% share in the market narrowly beating FitBit which occupies 8% of the whole worldwide market of smart watches in terms of units sold. Next in line is Amazfit with 5% while the rest of the brads account for 32%.

“Apple Watch shipments grew a solid 22% YoY in 2018. Apple Watch Series 4 was the star performer,” said Satyajit Sinha.

“It sold 11.5 million units during 2018, making it the best-selling model for the year. We believe its success was due to its focus on health-related features like ECG and fall detection. Further, it speaks volumes of how far Apple has come with Apple Watch as a meaningful health device.” She added. Satyajit is a research analyst at Counterpoint.

Apple Watch Series 4 introduced ECG features which played a big part in making it the most popular smartwatch of the year. Meanwhile the second spot was also engaged by Apple with its Apple Watch Series 3. Third spot in being the most popular smart watch of 2018 went to FitBit’s Fitbit Versa.