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Apple to Possibly Unveil AR Glasses by the End of this Year


As reported by various leaks and rumours, Apple can surprise the world with the release of its Augmented Reality Glasses in the last quarter of this year.

Tim Cook has mentioned previously that developers over at Apple showing keen interest in Augmented Reality. This interest far exceeds the interest they have in Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality creates a completely new world for the wearer of the headset while in Augmented Reality, few adjustments are made to our surroundings with the addition of simulated items and objects. Pokemon Go is one of the applications based on Augmented Reality technology which almost everyone is aware of these days.

Apple has been working on Augmented Reality spectacles for as long as about four years now since 2016. Hundreds of developers at Apple are working to make this product see the light of the day.

Initially it was assumed that these Augmented Reality Glasses by Apple are going to resemble Google Glasses in more than one way. Google launched its Google Glasses back in 2013 but the idea could not grab much of positive attention around the world. Most of the feedback Google received around these spectacles was concerns regarding privacy and safety.

More recent reports are suggesting that these new Augmented Reality glasses by Apple will have subtle elements of hardware mounted on a pair of traditional looking glasses.

Jon Prosser has made statements around the design of these glasses and how these spectacles will be unveiled by the end of 2020, a year before their actual launch to public.

According to him “They’re sleek as hell. Will be showing you soon,”

“They look like regular glasses, which I think is actually cooler than if they made them look futuristic,” He went on to add. “The prototype I saw, I’m not saying they will come out in these colours, but I saw them in black and white. And they don’t look like a machine on your face.”

He qualifies as a source due to his highly credible Youtube channel Front Page Tech. Augmented Reality Glasses have not taken off yet as a concept but if it ever does, Apple will surely try its hands on it.