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Apple Set to Launch AR powered Smartglasses Glasses in 2022

New rumours around Apple’s smart glasses have been leaking frequently in last few months. One of these rumours suggests that Apple is pushing to launch the product in 2022.

Tim Cook has publically stated that Apple is showing keen interest in Augmented Reality. This interest is larger than what they have for virtual reality. Virtual Reality makes use of headset to make up a totally different setting. On the other hand, Augmented Reality puts objects created by computer into the world around us. Pokemon Go has been one of the most noteable works of Augmented Reality.

Apple has been exploring this field for as long as at least 4 years for now. Hundreds of employees at Apple are working on this project. Many believed that the end product was supposed to resemble the appearance of Google’s Glasses which were launched back in 2013. However, that failed effort by Google had awkward design and safety as well as security and privacy flaws. Now the rumours are suggesting that these new Augmented Reality glasses by Apple are supposed to look like normal glasses with minimal elements of technical hardware.

This has lead the experts to believe that these glasses will have a connection with an iPhone for assistance in processing and storage. This could enable the wearer to see information including images and other graphics in a unique, never seen or experienced before manner. Apple has had meetings with several manufacturers who design the displays for close to eye.

“Taiwan-based optical component suppliers are engaged in the development of Apple’s augmented reality smart glasses, which may be commercialised by 2022, according to industry sources.”

These glasses will go on to become a standalone product after few developments hopefully. These glasses can potentially have a lot of unique features and functionalities. Smart spectacles have not made their way into the market yet but surely Apple will push to be a dominator in this market as well when the time comes.

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