Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Apple Revives Walkie-Talkie in Apple Watch

Apple has restored the Walkie-Talkie function in its Apple Watch in its launch of the new watchOS software. This update also lets the users in Canada and Singapore to use the application for ECG.

Mainly due to the eavesdropping concerns shown by many, Apple decided to drop the Walkie-Talkie functionality from all the Apple Watches in its previous updates. A bug ended up causing someone to eavesdrop over the iPhone of another user. This event really raised questions on the credibility of this feature and the whole watch in general and Apple’s solution was, well for the time being maybe, to shut the feature down altogether.

For those of you who are not aware of this feature, it allows you to have an immediate communication with voice over the air with another user. This could be done using data and WiFi both. This shows how good the feature was to the users. The quality of audio is really impressive as well which is just a cheery on top.

All the issues about the privacy and bugs have been reportedly fixed now and the feature gets another chance. The security concerns have been addressed with much more seriousness now as Apple has always taken a firm stance about the safety and privacy of it’s users and this is one of its traits which has taken this brand to where it is now as it builds a lot of the trust of its customers.

This refresh in software has also made the application of ECG available for users across Canada and Singapore. The list of countries where this application can be used has 27 entries in it now. Both of these countries will also receive the feature where any irregularities in heart beat rhythms will be notified to user.

You can update your Apple Watch right now by just choosing the General/Software Update option in Apple Watch application in iPhone. It is recommended that you have your battery charged well above 50% at least.


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