Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Apple Launches its Employee Challenge

Apple announces its Employee Challenge annually during the month of February and it has become somewhat of a tradition now but this year’s challenge was postponed due to the spread of COVID19 spread as the pandemic forced the entire planet into lockdown.

Some employees made an attempt to launch this challenge during the earlier part of this year in the application but they soon realised that their code for the challenge did not work properly. The reason of this was soon made clear by an internal email which was sent to the employees.

“The Close Your Rings Challenge is one of those rare opportunities to bring team members and colleagues from around the world together with a common purpose to close our rings, earn some points, and have fun. With a number of our offices and stores closed in China right now and some of our team members unable to participate, we’ve decided to postpone the 2020 Close Your Rings Challenge. At this time, our Challenge will be removed from the Challenges app.” the email read. “We’ll update everyone as soon as we have a new date when we can all focus together in closing our rings!” it continued.

This Email was sent back in February of 2020 when China was affected by COVID19 on a large scale and the pandemic was starting to spread across the globe. Apple has been suffered a lot due to this pandemic as huge chunk of its supply chain is based in China. Situation is slowly and steading returning back to normal. Apple had to shut down a lot of its stores as well while many of the production facilities also suffered from the lockdown. All these steps had to be taken to make sure that we could prevent putting any human life at any unnecessary risks or danger.

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