Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Apple Is Launching AirTag: Tracking Device for Personal Items

Apple is working on a new product, which is expected to be termed AirTag. This smart device will latch on to almost anything in order to monitor its location. A notification is sent to its user in case the device wanders too far.

The indication of this device being called AirTag was noticed by hawkeyed individuals of 9to5Mac in 13.2 update of IOS. A number of leaks previously indicated the launch of this kind of device and many people were expecting it to be launched at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC19). To the disappointment of many, there was no mention of any such device officially but references this kind of a device were clearly found in IOS updates starting from IOS13. A likely image of this device was also retrieved from the beta version of IOS code as well. It appears to be a small device with circular shape and flat design, much like a badge that could be clipped on to your personal items.

As reported by Sixcolors, this badge is expected to incorporate an Ultra-wideband U1 locator tracker chip. This chip is also present in recently launched iPhone 11. Their communication will be done through iCloud to Find My service. This new service will enable the user to locate the concerned item.

There will be a lost mode feature as well which would enable the device to use data from a phone in its locality and notify the owner about its location. Another feature will allow the users to locations which could be ignored. This would let them leave the item to where ever it is safe without being bothered with the notifications.

There are more than enough leaks already to believe that this device is soon to be launched and its just a matter of days before we see it in markets.

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