Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Apple has started selling its own “Made For Apple Watch” lugs

"Made for Apple Watch" Lugs available now.
“Made for Apple Watch” Lugs available now.

Apple and its devices have always been the talk of the town. Especially, when it comes to Apple smartwatches everyone wants to have one even if they are bit overpriced.

Similarly, once Apple watch goes into the market ever other third party companies starts creating their own accessories and products to be paired along with the alluring watch. Now, seeing this, Apple Watch has finally started to sell its own official lugs for third party companies so that they can create and design their own Apple Watch Straps.

The lugs are available in stainless steel with both 38mm and 42mm as the size options. The lugs are available at the Apple’s official retailing and distributing stores. They are available for sale in bulk orders with sets of 25 or 200 lugs. Apart from the lugs, you will also be provided with the tools that can fit the lugs into straps.

Apple is very cautious when it comes to the plagiarism and copying of its products. The line ‘Made For Apple Watch’ is laser etched clearly into each lug so they cannot be used in any other watch or such item. The uses of the lugs are strictly applied to the Apple’s instructions and guidelines.

Although, we should also tell you that there are number of other unofficial lugs available in the market which can use lugs designed without Apple’s specs to fit with the Watch’s locking mechanism.

This implies that, in the near future, we can see several other dozens and dozens of straps available in the market. It is now easier for the mainstream lug designers to use their talents to design their own lugs which means that we can see better even great quality options for the straps in the future.

However, the new officially distributed lugs are expected to be of $10 a piece without straps, labor and distribution. This evidently indicates that the third party traps will be inexpensive when compared to the first copy-” Made for Apple Watch”.

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