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Apple Could Introduce Touch ID in Apple Watch Series 6

According to many leaks and rumors, Apple is all set to release Touch ID in the 6th generation of its Apple Watch Series and it doesn’t stop here as these smartwatches will also come with an enhanced processor and much better water-resistance.

Although the Apple Watch Series 5 was just released recently, we are already seeing the news coming out about the next iteration of Apple Watch. This device, which is most likely, set to launch in 2020 has been patented with US Patent and Trademark Office. Some possible upcoming features have been revealed due to this which seem quite interesting.

These revelations suggest that the next Apple Watch will have fingerprint recognition feature called Touch ID. We have already seen Touch ID in other electronics by Apple like iPads and iPhones so it is not very unlikely to see it on the next Apple Watch. It is also suggested by the patent that internal antennas of the smart watch might end up moving to the wrist band.

Other rumours suggest that Apple’s next smart watch will have an Apple S6 chip and might even end up switching LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) for flexible circuitry. This all will make the watch performance faster than its predecessor along with improved 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity.

Water resistance in Apple Watch Series 6 is also expected to rise to a higher level due to its supposed change in manufacturing material. Apple Watch Series 5 currently holds 5ATM limits for water level resistance which itself is pretty impressive but further enhancement to this will not only add to the safety of the device but also its use. Activities like Water Skiing and Scuba Diving will start to fall under the domain of this smart watch.

Above this all, a MicroLED display is also expected to pan out in next year’s Apple Watch. No release date can be confirmed as of yet but experts believe that we can expect to see the Apple Watch Series 6 by the September of next year.

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