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An Entrepreneur and Investor’s Innings by Sachin Tendulkar

Many regard Sachin Tendulkar as the best batsman evet to set foot on a cricket field. He may have retired from the sports but his life after it isn’t any less interesting. He has developed a career in investment and entrepreneurship after a successful life in cricket and he is seeing success all over it too.

More than half a decade after his farewell to the sports as an athlete, he still is amongst India’s top brand ambassadors. A good number of businesses from all kinds of markets have had small and large stints with him. These businesses range from sports franchises, restaurants, fashion brands, tech companies and a lot more.

Some of his major investments and partnerships include:

He invested in Smaaash Entertainment back in 2013. Smaaash Entertainment is an arena for games like net cricket, go carting, bowling, VR games and a lot more. This business venture operates in cities all over India.

Tendulkar has been known to support Universasl Sportsbiz Ltd. By Anjana Reddy. It is a fashion and sport merch startup with an online store. Tendulkar also holds 21% shares of this company.

SRT Sports, A sports management company, was launched by Tendulkar himself. This company manages the brand “Sachin” and it is run and managed by Sachin and Anjaldi Tendulkar.

True Blue is another retail brand unveiled by Tendulkar himself in collaboration with Arvind Fashion. This brand focusses specially on fashion for men in their thirties.

Smarton is one of the many technology based companies Sachin has associated himself with. He has been an investor in this company for almost three years now. Smarton is known to develop smartphones, wearables, laptops and a lot more tech products.

Tendulkar was once associated with Spartan as an investor and a board member until he terminated his connections to the company over some unannounced disputes. Spartan is a famous sports brand based in Australia.

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