Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Amazon to Launch Its Fitness Tracking Ear Buds Soon

Amazon will soon launch its very own earbuds powered by Alexa, according to multiple rumours. These earbuds are also expected to have fitness and health tracking features in them. This would also mark the entry of Amazon in the medical technology field.

For now, these earbuds are reported to only have an accelerometer that would measure the motion of the wearer. GPS and heart rate sensor will most likely be absent from these smart hearable devices. Due to this, not a lot is expected from these earbuds in health and fitness domain except from measuring steps, distance covered, running speed and burned calories.

The shape of these earbuds will be close, if not identical, to Apple’s AirPods. Without any doubt, one of the most noteable feature in these earbuds would the Voice Assistant, Alexa. With the help of these earpods, Amazon will be able to present a more portable experience for Alexa.

No news about the name of these earbuds has been confirmed yet but according to different sources, the secret codename of this project inside Amazon is “Puget”. These earbuds hook up with Android and IOS devices via Bluetooth do no possess any capabilities of cellular connectivity. Seemingly, a smartphone application for fitness tracking will also accompany this product which would gather the data from these earbuds for a simpler user interface.

These earbuds from Amazon are expected to cost less than $100 which is a little surprising, not only because of the specification or the brand name but also considering its competition with Apple and Samsung, whose smart earbuds cost well above $100.

Amazon is also expected to unveil many new devices apart from these earbuds, which would be powered by Alexa. Fifteen new devices were introduced to public in 2018 during this event. All these devices were powered by Alexa.

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