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Amazon Launches Echo Buds, Echo Loop and Echo Frames


Amazon has finally launched it much awaited Echo products powered by Alexa including smart hearable earbuds called Echo Buds and smart wearable glasses called Echo Frames at its yearly hardware event few days ago.

Echo Buds were launched in Seattle in order to provide a more portable experience for Alexa therefore this voice assistant is a central figure of Echo Buds’ functionality. On the other hand, surprisingly these hearables do not have any focus around any kind of fitness or health tracking. Many believed that these earbuds would mark Amazon’s debut in Fitness and Health Wearables market but sadly that is not how it all turned out to be. Amazon may be finding it difficult to step in to this already jam packed industry of fitness and health wearables. For now, these Echo Buds focus primarily on their voice assistant Alexa and the quality of sound to provide their consumers with a first-class experience. These earbuds have an IPX4 rating making them sweat resistant and their battery lasts around more than 4-5 hour based on your use. You can pre order Echo Buds just for $129.99. Their delivery starts in October. These earbuds will come with eartips of three different sizes.

Amazon also launched smart glasses that weigh only 31 grams. These glasses called Echo Frames offer audio functionality with voice assistant Alexa added on to it. Apart from that, not much else is offered. Even a camera or screen are missing. Echo Frames can also be used like prescription glasses by the users. These frames cost will eventually cost $249.99 once they are available in market.


Echo Loop is another of the wearables launched this year by Amazon. It is a smart ring powered by Alexa. This ring incorporates two microphones and a really tiny speaker. It has been designed to vibrate for notification with customised vibrations for different types of notifications. This smart ring will eventually cost $179.99 after its introductory period in the market.