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The amazing SPVRS App – Bringing our future stadium to life!

Virtual and augmented reality technology take users inside the club’s new stadium before it is built. Tottenham Hotspur FC is offering fans a chance to to step up into its new stadium before its built. They will be doing it virtually through the new SPVRS App (Stadium Project Virtual Reality Suite), which is available for iOS and Android devices. The stadium will serve as London’s primary entertainment venue and will host premier league football and the NFL, among other sporting events.

This 61,000 seater venue is due to open next year in London’s best entertainment destination. The free application comes with access to printable tracker image which can then be brought to life via a smart phone using augmented reality, transporting users to the centre circle of pitch. There is a section of the SPVRS App for users who have bought a premium package in the new stadium. This gives special access to a virtual reality 360 degree view of their opted lounge so they are reminded of what they can look forward to in the new stadium and show their friends.

The SPVRS App also features an interactive stadium.enabling users to find out key facts such as number of seats or the number of bricks which will be used in building the stadium. Meanwhile this SPVRS App also provides easy access to the stadium news feed hosted on their official website, keeping fans up-to-date with all the latest news regarding ongoing construction of the venue. ill surely continue to build on the excitement of fans all over the world around club’s new stadium. It is a new addition to the ways it is being pushed by using latest technology to showcase their new home and allow fans to track the progress on its build.

The SPVRS App take its name from the Stadium Project Virtual Reality Suite now open at the the club’s offices in Tottenham, providing an immersion VR experience for customers interested in the range of premium offers at the venue.

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