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Amazfit: The wearable’s review based on personal experience

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With so many health concerns these days alongside so many wearables available in the market, it is not a question any more whether one should buy a wearable or not, but rather which one. I used Amazfit for around 10 days and will share my insights based on that.

The design (4/5)

Pro: Design is beautiful. I like to wear it because it looks lovely on my hand. Gold, cream and white colour of the wearable makes it look good to most of my outfits.

Haven’t personally tried it but would look good as a pendant as well.

Being waterproof makes it really convenient for me because I don’t have to take it out of my wrist while doing the dishes!

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Con: My 3 year old has figured out how to take ring out of the wrist band. She asks me to take it out of it to play with it while I have to safeguard the 10 month from popping in the mouth.

Battery (4/5)

Pro: The battery lasts more than 10 days which is wonderful as you wouldn’t like to keep pulling it out of your hand/ necklace to put it on charge. I wear it all day long as well as while sleeping to get the maximum accuracy of data.

The charging station can be connected to any device with USB port including plugs to charge directly.

Charges fairly quickly.

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Con: Both the sides of the Amazfit ring looks same and you have to ascertain it every time that the correct side is placed for charging. The charger blinks when placed correctly so that cancels out much of the negative aspect of it.

Data collection (2/5)

Pro: You don’t need to have the Bluetooth switched on in your gadget to get the data. Just keep wearing Amazfit and then sync with the app later on.

Data is collected in steps for your movement. Even if you were to take a ride in a vehicle, the data will not become abnormal. It is dependent on your personal movement, which is a good advantage.

Con: For the sleep, data is collected in 3 types: Deep sleep, Light sleep, Awake. Accuracy of data collection depends on your personal lifestyle. I am a mother of a 10-month-old as well so my nights are not one-off sleep.  And hence, I feel a bit unsure of how accurate the data is. Most of my sleep is shown as light sleep.


If you are a bi-napper, or would accidentally doze off like me while putting the children to sleep, unfortunately, there is no way to measure that sleep. Data for sleep is only collected in a chunk for the night time.

Amazfit offers alarms and call vibration feature if the Bluetooth is switched on. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t get any of the call or alarm vibrations. When tested separately, it would. But not, in actual usage for me.

I felt that the app could be further improved by adding how much of calorie intake was done through food. And then whether the goals have been achieved or not.  As of current state, Amazfit is not putting into account how much of calories have been consumed.

if any woman is nursing the baby, then the calorie requirements also changes. There are no such ‘extra options’

Data representation (5/5)

Pro. You can insert your personal information about height, weight, age, gender and get your personal calorie requirement, BEE based on that.

Data for any activity is converted into calories and represented using graphs. Similarly, the night sleep is also shown in bar charts, which makes it easy and quick to comprehend.

You can enter your personal goals of calorie burn and then the app would straight away remind and represent if you have met your daily goal or not.

The app shows weekly averages for steps taken, night sleep. A bar chart for the activity and sleep is represented for the whole week, based on everyday data collected.  The app also shows which of the days have been the best in the week. Very quick and effective way of noticing any pattern.

Little tips and welcoming messages are provided here and there


No as such which I could notice.

Overall verdict

Seems to me there is room for improvement for Amazfit definitely. Amazfit’s design and battery is a well-done job. But the app needs to be worked upon, specifically how the data is collected and converted. Data representation is very effective.  Overall rating: 3.75/5

To buy or not?

The real question comes in when you are putting money in. Obviously, you want the value of money. I would recommend buying it if it fulfils what you are looking for in. Is it the activity? Or is it the battery life? Or is it the sleep data?  It all depends on what your lifestyle is and what you what your goals are at the end of the day.

Zauja M Ali
Zauja Muhammad Ali, is a BBA graduate, stay-at-home mother of two. She loves nutrition, health and technology. Everything combined, and viola, she is writing for the Sports Wearables team.

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