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AmazFit Verge Lite: Your Latest Pocket Friendly Smartwatch


AmazFit Verge Lite: Your Latest Pocket Friendly Smartwatch.

AmazFit has been around the market for a few months and has been doing reasonably good for itself thanks to its affordability and stylish appearance. One of the recent additions to the list is AmazFit Verge Lite.

The Design

The smartwatch is currently available in two colors Shark Grey and Snowcap White. Both are visually appealing and look really good with most sports wear but might stick out a bit with formals. But all in all, the smartwatch is a great addition to your sports attire. However, the dial might come across as a little bulky but certainly does not add to the weight of the wearable. There is an optical heart rate monitor at the bottom of its silicone band. The watch is water resistant, but up to 1.5 meters only, which takes swimming out of question, but it can certainly survive rain and splashes.

The Display

The AMOLED display is very neat and crisp, but sadly it does not come with many built in watch faces. Some can be downloaded from Mi Fit companion app. Which proves to be a great opportunity for the Xiaomi’s Mi Band users since all the data from their wearables can be displayed through one app. Though the use of the app can be power draining for the phone since it is always running in the background irrespective of if the smartwatches are connected.


The Verge Lite provide different workout modes. You can choose which one suits you best before the workout starts after which it records all your data. Syncing with the device is most convenient via Bluetooth and you can easily view all your activity and exercise data.

The smartwatch, once connected to your phone, can help you control music from your wrist. It flashes incoming calls and can be used for receiving messages, emails and for setting alarms and reminders. Another useful feature is the “Status” which shows weekly progress in the form of a bar graph.

The battery life is claimed to be up to 20 days. And the 30mAh battery certainly pays off. The smartwatch is equipped with GPS and GLONASS for location.

The watch is a very good choice for people who are new to using smartwatches for workout. It is very reasonably priced, and its features cover all the necessities for beginners. So, get yours now!