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Amazfit PowerBuds Features, Price and Availability

The Amazfit PowerBuds features unique properties and here are their price and availability details.

The Amazfit PowerBuds come with a heart rate monitoring system

One of the most comfortable earbuds in the markets, this extremely stylish pair is fully capable of monitoring your heart rate during physical activity. It has an embedded PPG sensor and can provide real time data and notifications while workout and exercise. Light in weight and with an excellent ‘fit’ in the ear, the Amazfit PowerBuds are accompanied with magnetic sport ear hooks for a stable setting, easy removal and storage.


Really a cool design, the best thing about this wearable is that it will send a notification to the user as soon as its time for a break or if the heart beat is increasing.

The Amazfit PowerBuds features a professional sports sound system in its design that brings about dynamic sound quality. It consists of 9mm drivers with a frequency range from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. Unfortunately, these PowerBuds do not support high-end audio codecs such as  LDAC or aptX.  Best for bass beats, these are a really good set for the gym! But if you are into Hi-Resolution audio, then you can opt for something better than this.

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Completely wireless, these Amazfit PowerBuds rely on touch function. The functions that can be performed with a tap include pause and play music, go to next/previous, change thru mode on/off and wake up voice assistant. The Thru-mode allows you to hear sounds from the outside world with the help of microphone.

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he Amazfit PowerBuds have a continuous use of battery life for 8 hours. That’s not bad at all. You can buy them for only $99 at Amazon, here.

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