Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Amazfit Launches New Interface for Its Smartphone Application

Amazfit has update its smartphone application for Android and introduced a much fresher outlook with more data visibility and easy access. The user interface has went through some significant changes. Every piece of information and data related to your health can be found on the default page only a glance away. There is also an introduction of some new metrics as well.

This application supports many smart watches manufactured by Huami. These smartwatches Includes the range of Amazfit Stratos, GTR, Bip Smartwatches, Nexo, Pace, Range of Verse Smartwatches and more.

Some users have already started to receive the update. This new application reportedly has a darker dashboard with gorgeous outlook. Each fitness and health data category has a separate individual tile of its own.

The application has not yet be released on Google Play for now. This version of the app is rolling out gradually so some users have already received it while others might have to wait a little longer. It is version 4.0.0 of Amazfit Android application.

According the note accompanied by the release, this update brings

  • Updated the page layout to show all of your health data at a glance;
  • Included additional data such as body composition, measurements and health signs for you to manage all aspects of your health;
  • Added My Tools to the home page, providing quick access to corresponding features;
  • Added the Learn More About tab, where you can discover more secrets about your device.

Huami updates are usually rolled out in Asia before being launched for the western hemisphere like Europe and North America. Users of iOS version of this Amazfit application are also hopeful now to receive an update anytime now. It is yet to be seen when will this update be launched to the rest of the world and how long would the iOS update need to come out, provided that if there is any update for iOS at all.

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