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Amazfit GTR: A Smart Fitness Watch With Style

Huami has extended its sports watch variety with the addition of Amazfit GTR. Although it has a very similar name and specifications to Amazfit GTS but there is a lot between these tw smart watches that sets them apart. GTR itself is an abbreviation of Good Looking, Tool, Reliable on the other hand GTS can be abbreviated from Good Looking, Tools, Square.

Huami enjoyed a very packed 2019 by releasing a wide range of wearable products this year. Amazfit GTR can not really be termed as an iteration of any of its predecessor as it is more like a stand alone product or may be even first in line for many to come.

Two size variants of Amazfit GTR are released by Huami. 42mm variant is small and weightless with dimensions measuring up to 42mm x 42.6mm x 9.9mm and it weighs just about 25 grams. While 47mm variant weighs about 40 grams and measures up to 47.2mm x 47.2mm x 10.75mm in dimensions.

Both size variants are packed with a high-end AMOLED Display protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Its body is designed for water resistance up to 5 ATM pressure. The display is pretty clear even in direct sunlight making it perfect for outdoor use.

Both these smartwatches have gigantic battery lives with the larger variant staying up for as long as 24 days between two charges with normal use. Basic Watch mode can extend this battery life to 74 days. 42mm variant also has a whopping 12 days to 34 days battery life depending on your use. This makes them the front runners of smartwatch market in terms of battery life. BioTracker PPG, 3-axial Geomagnetic Sensor, Barometer, 6-axis Accelerometer, Brightness Sensor, GPS and Capacitive Sensor are some of the other major features available in this smartwatch. Amazfit GTR is available for order on Amazon.


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