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AmazeFit BIP – Every Thing You Need to Know About This Apple Watch Lookalike

Xiaomi has become a forerunner in the smartphone and wearable market because of its innovative designs at a much lower price point than its competitors. After a great response from users for the Amazefit Pace the company has launched Amazefit BIP

What’s New?

AmazeFit BIP comes with 45 days of battery life, GPS and smart notification on a rectangular dial. The actual design looks a lot like Apple Watch 3. The underside of the watch is made out of porcelain and the upper glass has a metal finish. The top of the line rubber strap is available in many color combinations. It is water safe and unflinching in quality that enables you to swim while wearing it.

Battery Life:

Amazefit BIP may not have many impressive features but it certainly boasts a perfect 30-day battery life under typical use with its modest 190mAh battery, and up to 45 days with negligible warnings.


The display comes with 320 x 320px resolutions. It has 1.28 inch with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass screen. The watch also allows you to read right under the sunlight and the bright display serves you in every kind of light conditions. The features combined are almost too good to be true when you consider the price point for this watch.

Fitness Tracker:

The fitness tracker inside comes with 4 modes; Running Outside, Treadmill, Walking and Riding. The watch is programmed to measure calories, heart rate, distance and sleep. The overall accuracy percentage lie in-between 85%-90%. It is the perfect companion for almost all your activities.


The Amazfit BIP is compatible with the both iOS and Android Devices and once you have downloaded the companion app you can customize the watch to whatever way you want.


The pricing is the best thing about AmazeFit BIP. This Apple Watch 3 lookalike is available for $99.99 only on Amazon.





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