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Altra Torin IQ smart shoes – Your Running Coach

In a world of “smart” everything, a “smart shoe” shouldn’t come as a surprise but Altra Torin IQ has managed to do just that! We have all experienced watches and chest contraptions for fitness data tracking but somehow smart shoes make much more sense. Instead of being an addition to your running wear Altra IQ basically replace your running shoes, in ways that you couldn’t have imagined. The best part about it is that substituting it with something you already need is so easy and unlike fitness watches, you can’t even forget it at home.

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Altra IQ has a very simple user interface. By simply pressing the Go button on the New Run page on Altra IQ app, you are good to go. You run like you usually do and the shoes will record the data. The shoes comes with dual sensors that calculate the force with which you hit the ground each time and measures your impact rate. It also calculates foot strike metrics via its full length sensors, which gives information regarding your landing zone. It can make you a more efficient runner by improving your stride and form. It also calculates your cadence, contact time, distance time and pace. It is a treat to use for anyone who is serious about running, although it doesn’t have GPS tracking, so you can’t map your running route, which seems like a missed opportunity.

What sets Altra Torin IQ apart from other wearables is a real time coach. The Altra IQ app processes live data from mid sole quad accelerometers in each shoe and provides live audio tips and feedbacks to improve and streamline your running techniques. One aspect where Altra Torin IQ lags behind is that the live coach doesn’t offer much constructive criticism. As effective as that option is, it doesn’t offer much insight on what you are doing wrong. Most of the tips are more focused on generalized good running habits rather than the specifics. Another negative is, that it doesn’t accurately calculate distance run on a treadmill, it doesn’t even give an option to manually alter it later, which might bug treadmill runners.

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Altra Torin IQ gets a lot of things right when it comes to running shoes. It has a comfortable zero drop design. The shoes are all you need, there are no additional devices attached to it and the voice coach interval settings can be customized, so that you can listen to your music uninterrupted.

For what it offers, it is a rather expensive choice. It is currently available at Amazon and Altra for $220.

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