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Altra IQ Sports Shoes With iFit Tech Are Must-Have Sports Wearable For Runners


Smart clothing and wrist wearables are considered to be the future of wearable tech nowadays. However, a new trend is fast emerging in this hyped tech world. The trend we are talking about has been debuted by Altra IQ sports shoes with iFit tech inside.

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Altra IQ sports shoes are not simple running shoes which provide you with data like distance, speed or a mere feedback. Instead, the shoes are capable of a lot more than the improvisation of running form and performance. The wearable shoes are manufactured by Altra in partnership with iFit. iFit is a famous name in fitness wearable world. It manufactures software that produces a specific IQ for athletes.

Altra IQ sports shoes are much similar to the other shoes available for the runners out there. The sneakers are similar in appearance to the others with the wide toe box in the shape of a foot to give the wearers more space to avoid injuries. What makes these shoes important and different are its internals. There is a very thin sensor inside the sole of the shoe fitted from heel to toe. The sensor is governed by a chip that provides all the details on the style, techniques, form and command of the wearer.

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After collecting all the data, the shoes are linked to the iFit Smartphone app. The app collects all the important data. The app displays all the essentials like if you are landing harder on one foot or if your impact is more concentrated on the toes or mid foot etc. Apart from these, the app can also tell you the distance travelled the stride length and the speed of the traveler, the ground time and the cadence of the wearer etc.

The data collected by the Altra IQ sports shoes and the information and the suggestions provided by the app are significant for adjusting the pace, form, and performance of the wearer. It also reduced the potential chances of injuries.

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In order to extend the battery life, the sensor hidden behind the shoe sole is inactive when the sneakers are not in use. The shoes are extremely light and weigh only 243 grams. The pair is water resistant and is designed to be worn during any type of sports. These shoes are made for a specific activity and aimed at people who want to get better at their chosen sport.

Altra IQ sports shoes are expected to go on sale before the summer and will cost $200. They are recommended for all the sports geeks out there.


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