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Alpha Glass- The True Alpha of Smart Glasses

Have you seen those people walking around with bulky AR glasses who look uncomfortable with the heavy set frame placed on the bridge of their nose?

Well, that is now a thing of the past because Alpha Glass brings you the first stylish AR smart glasses. What makes it better than every other smart glasses in the market is, that it won’t make you look like some weird dude from an 80s sci-fi film.
Alpha Glass is wide angled, on-lens display AR glasses that comes in a casual design. AR glasses are a new innovation in sports wearable technology but they are usually bulky. They often end up being too big and uncomfortable to wear. Alpha Labs, the creator of Alpha Glass, are focusing on making a more comfortable product that can be worn on a day-to-day basis.

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Alpha Glass allows you to see the display right on the surface of the lens. The technology used in these glasses is called ‘SMOS’ (Separated Modular Optical System). It provides the world’s smallest wide vision system without any external part.
Alpha Labs wanted to offer their users a comfortable and stylish AR experience. This is the reason why their design is a fully built in structure along with the battery. It allows the users to be at ease while taking photos, shooting videos, interpreting QR codes and even while checking notifications with the on lens display.
Alpha Glass comes with bone conduction speaker that allows users to listen to voice guidance and music. It is completely android compatible. The company is looking for developers who can make apps for the Alpha Glass.
Alpha Glass can become your new best friend in the city. It can offer, entertainment, navigation, AI assistance, health monitoring and much more. It is easily connectable to your smart watch or phone via Bluetooth.
Alpha Labs is currently looking for funds to back up this project. To back this project and for further details you can click here.

Laraib Zafar
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