The AliveCor Kardia Band taking medical grade readings of heart rhythm to help detect stroke related illness


Kardia band by AliveCor is the world’s smallest single lead medical grade ECG. It works with Apple Watch via the Kardia app to provide a single lead medical grade ECG of the user’s heart rhythm in order to identify any kind of possible atrial fibrillation which is the leading cause of stroke. It also provides a tool to analyse heart rhythm with a quick touch of the watch strap. Moreover, it documents the rhythm as a PDF.

Key aspects of Kardia Band is that, it is a CE marked, medical device and unlike all the other fitness trackers, it captures a 30-second rhythm strip which is instantly analysed to tell the user if this is normal or if further medical advice is recommended.

CEO being Vic Gundotra who was the ex Senior Vice President of Google. AliveCor has already done a soft launch of their product and they look forward to the Wearable Technology Show, 2017, as a platform to amplify their product to a new audience.

Kardia technology has the potential to save hundreds of lives. Dr. Matthew Fay, a GP in Bradford has been using Alive Cor Kardia technology at his practice and has estimated appointments related to atrial fibrillation and palpitations by 50 percent. He stated that a great advantage of this technology is that it has made diagnosis easier, which means that  less time and money would be wasted on nurse appointments and follow ups. Analysis of heart rhythm could also be done on iPad or iPhone and results could be shared directly with a health care professional.

Apart from people having atrial fibrillation, Kardia Band has also been proved efficient for people who have un-diagnosed arrhythmias. Such people could wear this band and it will ultimately help them in earlier detection or treatment of potentially fatal heart rhythm disorders, so this has the potential to save a lot of lives.