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Alexa Powered Fitness Tracker Revealed by Wyze

Wyze, a tech brand based in Seattle, will enter the wearables tech market soon. This will be marked by the launch of an Alexa powered, fitness oriented smart wrist band.

Wyze is known for manufacturing smart home appliances at low costs. These budget devices include smart light bulb, a huge collection of cordless cameras, plug and locks among other things. Wyze was established back in 2017 and has only been around for a couple of years. The motivation of its founder to create this brand developed from the frustration he faced when he could not find inexpensive, low cost smart cameras in the market. Eventually, he made the decision to develop and sell his own.

Wyze has just recently started to show its interest in Wearable technology as well. The first product in its fitness wearables technology line is going to be a fitness tracker which will have Alexa’s functionalities inside it. This tracker will be unveiled some time during this year in coming months.

Wyze has posted a video clip online which also gives away the shape and design of this fitness tracker.

“Wyze Band just completed a round of hardware testing and we are busily implementing user feedback. We expect to complete the beta phase soon and move on to preparing for the EA launch.” The company said.

The integration of Alexa in this smart band makes a lot of sense considering that Wyze works mainly on smart home appliances. This would obviously let the users to interact with other smart products and toggle lights as well. The band will have a large touch-screen colour display and a microphone as well. Apart from this, all the features will be available that you can expect in any budget smart band these days like steps counter, heart rate monitor, alarms, weather information and more.

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