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Alex Wearable Posture Tracker Is Your Personal Posture Coach

Most of us spend our day sitting over laptop and computers for a long time. After few hours of upright posture, we are tired and we start to adopt some flexible movements so we can relax a bit. However, we are ignorant of the fact that wrong posture can lead to a number of muscle spasms and problems. So, if you are one of those striving to find a solution to your muscle stiffness problems or bad posture, this wearable is your answer.

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The Alex wearable posture tracker is worn at the back of the neck. It vibrates when the neck or head is leaned too far for a long time. Most of us improperly bend our neck while looking at the screen. This can lead to chronic muscle pain and nerve fatigue. The Alex posture doesn’t deal with pain; rather it solves the problem from a scratch.

Alex Wearable Posture Tracker Is Your Personal Posture Coach

Alex works as a coach by guiding you when you have improperly tilted your head which is what leads the neck, shoulders, and spine. It tracks all the position relative to the body. While worn over the ears, Alex wearable posture tracker gently reminds you that you are not in a proper position. There is a 3-axis sensor, located within the module which rests against the neck of the wearer. It is designed to record angle and motion. Alex features Bluetooth 4.0 LE to pair with mobile devices running the companion coaching app. The app is available for both iOS and Android. It provides sensor calibration, progress charts/graphs, and a view of one’s posture in real time.

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The connected app also sets a length of time before receiving an alert, the angle to determine poor posture, and the strength of the vibration motor. The design of the device is simple and comfortable so you won’t feel anything while wearing it. The weight of the posture tracker is just 25 g (0.9 oz).

Alex Wearable Posture Tracker Is Your Personal Posture Coach

There is a built-in battery which can run up to seven days with 10 hours of constant use per day. The juice can be filled back with a micro USB cable with just two hours required for a charge. Internal memory is capable of storing up to four weeks of posture data at a time, with lifetime data accessible through the app and cloud storage.

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The Alex wearable posture Tracker’s Indiegogo campaign ended on 18th February 2016. The estimated delivery is for June 2016 and the price for the backers is just $69 including shipment.

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