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ALEX+ Your Guide To Perfect Posture


We are all lazy and we don’t pay much heed to our postures so long that it creates problems for us. But worry not, ALEX+ will help you attain a perfect posture in no time which will be beneficial for you for a lifetime.

Text neck, an epidemic has been created due to years of using cellular devices and gadgets. ALEX+ is that perfect wearable that helps you keep your chin up and supplant the years of wrong posture habits with a painless and perfect posture within 21 days.

You put an immense pressure and weight on your spine when you droop your head forwards while using your cell phone and if this is not corrected then over time it can create complications for your body. A person spends 2 to 4 hours a day looking down upon his/her phone at an average without counting the separate hours spent on the laptop, tablets etc at the office or at home. This has created an epidemic of text neck.

ALEX+ is that wearable which helps you overcome your text neck and years of bad posture. It keeps on reminding you to straighten up your back and neck through vibrations. It even has a personal coach which will help you with exercises regarding the posture correction.

You wear the device at the back of your neck and behind your ears and calibrate it with the phone app and the rest will be done by the device.

It is a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes, it is barely noticeable, it is flexible and it works for 10 days non-stop on a single charge. You can track your activity and progress on the app. Right now it follows 4 programs which help you in the longer run. You just have to put on ALEX+ follow the instructor, it will help analyze your form and help you reform it.

ALEX+ is lighter and it doesn’t cause any nuisance when you wear your glasses or earphones or headphones. The body is now made up of silica which makes it more durable and flexible and easier and stylish to use. It is customizable. One can easy customize the vibrations and the time at which you should be reminded etc.

The specs are as follows: 32 bit ARM Cortex M0 processor, 10 bit digital triaxial acceleration sensor, wireless with bluetooth of low energy 2.4GHz RF, 120mAH battery of Lithium polymer, 10 days/10 hrs battery life with a single charge and requires 3 hours for full charge, can store your posture data for up to 28 days without even syncing to your phone.




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