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AirDog ADII – the Future of “Follow Me” Drones for Extreme Sports

AirDog first came to limelight at CES 2015. At that time it was an instant hit. It was the first drone ever to offer automatic tracking. It was like an electronic leash that allowed the drone to track the user’s movements and even predicting where they would be next. It was one of a kind and presented a world full of opportunities.

Moving forward to 2017, and AirDog is planning a comeback with its next generation of products called AirDog ADII. Built on the same high performance fundamentals of the original AirDog, the new AirDog ADII promises an autonomous, all-terrain drone that’ll offer a complete hands-free experience.

The ADII doesn’t require manual operation which allows the user to have complete freedom of motion while allowing them to capture perfect content.

AirDog ADII is compact and foldable to make sure that it is easy to carry. It has built-in distance sensor (LiDAR) that prevent ground collision is various different and difficult terrains despite of highly changing elevations and speed. Algorithms derived from different sensors allows for a calculated and precise response to extreme elevation changes.

Instead of joysticks and large display screens, ADII is controlled by AirLeash. This durable, light weight and waterproof device allows for mid-action tracking and its backlit LCD display allows the user to see the screen clearly even in bright sun light.

ADII with its high quality propulsion system allows for a greater control of camera tracking in high wind conditions, up to 30 knots. It also has a follow mode which give the users the liberty to customize the flight path so that the drone follows a preprogramed path avoiding existing obstacles like trees or infrastructure, all the while, making sure that the user is in perfectly framed.

The AirLeash has 11 different sports/action presets which provides highly accurate and customized flights, ensuring the best video capture quality. ADII has an enhanced gimbal system built in for GoPro HERO 5 Black camera. This allows for a vibration-free, professional quality video.

The landing of ADII is completely automated and is commenced when either the batter is low or when the drone receives a manual command from the AirLeash. You can either make it land a few feet away from your current location or from the original takeoff position.

AirDog ADII is currently looking for backers on its crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. The AirDog ADII will retail for $1,500 which makes it a pricier option than some of its competitors. They are also offering a special discount for their backers.

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