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Adidas’ ZONE Wearable Is A Fitness and Activity Tracker For The Kids

Adidas' ZONE Wearable Is A Fitness Tracker For The Kids

Obesity is a common problem. This is why different wearables have been trying to provide their services to the children. Adidas which isn’t new to the sector has also designed a wrist-worn wearable for kids taking physical education.

The wearable by the company has been named as ZONE. The wearable is a heart rate monitor which will share the personal fitness data of student with teachers via a cloud. ZONE is not only meant for kids but it will help teachers keep a track on the record of the physical performance of each individual.

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Jen Ohlson, co-founder, and president of Interactive Health Technologies, in a press release, stated that;

“During the 2015 school year, 600,000 children were connected to the IHT Spirit System, a 140 percent increase in student engagement year over year. With the help of the new Adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit, IHT is on track to hit their 2016 target of daily interactions with one million students nationwide.”

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ZONE is keen in tracking the heart rate data of the yearlings; however, it is of some other benefits too. The wearable will have NFC for syncing along with high power and big memory so that the children can use the device during school hours, easily.

ZONE will easily detect the changing heartbeat of the children and as soon as it is done, a color would be release based on the situations like low, moderate, or high activity. The wearable is opening a new chapter in the physical health of children because teachers will finally be able to gauge the performance of every child individually. Moreover, they will be able to know which student is participating or not, or to which extent are they working.

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ZONE by Adidas will be available for $139. In case a school wants to buy, the case of 28 will be available for $3,995. Adidas’ initiative for the students is highly appreciable. Not only the data provided will help in the fitness of children, but it will also help in reducing the ever-increasing obesity.

Source: IHTUSA

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