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Adidas Sport Headphones for Athletes – the RPD-01 introduced

Just new in market, the Adidas Sport Headphones for Athletes – the RPD-01 have already created waves. The tech giant Adidas, had already two listening devices in the market for athletes. These are the FWD-01 and RPT-01.

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Especially for athletes, this new item from Adidas has a neckband style. Very functional, they come with their own eartips and earwings. This will ensure the proper fit for the athlete.

adidas sport headphone

Adidas Sport Headphones for Athletes, the RPD-01 has an ‘in-ear’ design. Also, it boasts a superior sound system. Much better than its previous counterparts. With a 12 hours of playback time available, these headphones are light and easy in use. Moreover, the feature of Bluetooth technology is also available.

Resistant to humidity, the new gadget will remain safe from user’s sweat or splashes. It has an IPX4 weather resistance rating.The RPD-01 comes with a remote control. With three buttons on its front panel, the first is the action button. This button will allow the user to create a custom shortcut if need be.


Partnered with Zound Industries, Adidas wanted athletes and sportsmen to boost their practice sessions. They wanted them to be motivated during a rigorous workout session. Hence, the result is the design idea behind these powerful new headphones. Both these tech giants have been successful and have come up with a profound device. Already for sale at $99 on their official website. Or You can check out the same item on Amazon here.

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