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Adidas’ new ocean waste recycled, 3D-printed shoes for athletes

Adidas' new ocean waste recycled, 3D-printed shoes for athletes

Do you wanted to enjoy on slippery surfaces or to play in muddy areas? Adidas has made something which can let you play dirty games.

Adidas has manufactures new shoes. Before understanding the concept of these new shoes, you should know that Adidas has combined two of the very famous past technologies in these shoes. Those tech are; 3D-printing shoes, and to utilize plastic ocean waste to create a perfect sole.

Adidas used plastic ocean waste to create a shoe back in June. The new shoes were built with Parley’s partnership. To those who don’t know, Parley is a dedicated organization which looks after and works for the major threats faced by the oceans. The shoes were made from yarns and filaments which were recycled from the ocean waste. The prospect of developing such shoe was to make everyone aware that recycled materials are as beneficial as the pure products.

Adidas' new ocean waste recycled, 3D-printed shoes for athletes

Now, Adidas has totally opened a new way with combining two of its very powerful tech. The ultimate combination of 3D-printed midsole made of recycled polyester and gillnets, and knitted ocean plastic to create upper part of the shoe is dazzling for the sales and customer attraction.

Eric Liedtke, Adidas’ Executive Board, during the Paris Climate Conference presented the new technology. The event was scheduled for Tuesday. He described that it is the high time when we should stop and look for the fitness and betterment of our environment both. In collaboration with Parley and the products of the Ocean, Adidas has taken an initiative to create new materials that are sustainable and resistant to different conditions. The shoes made from such innovations are best for the athletes.

Adidas' new ocean waste recycled, 3D-printed shoes for athletes

Liedtke called the latest 3D- printed ocean plastic shoe a “new industry standard.” He forced that the reason to create such product is to spread worldwide awareness regarding ocean waste. The executive remarked that;

“We want to bring everyone from the industry to the table and create sustainable solutions for big global problems.”

The shoe has yet not developed completely or up for sale yet. But, the promises which it makes for the athletes’ future through the recycled ocean products are definitely inspiring. Adidas has also expressed that it is currently working on many different projects along with Parsley for the benefit of sports- related people.

We hope to see many more other products along with this new shoe, soon!

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