Adidas miCoach Speed Cell Tracks Sports Through Your Feet


Adidas’ miCoach Speed Cell might be a little older but it hasn’t lost its importance yet. The device is capable of measuring the performance of the player and tracks their motion in every direction. The wearable is adjusted on the bottom side of the shoes and can be used for seven hours straight. It works seamlessly with the athlete’s equipment.

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell is capable of recording the maximum and the average speed of the player, distance covered, the number of sprints, steps, strides and intensity levels etc. The best stats of the player will be transferred wirelessly to the tablet, PC or the Smartphone of the player.

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell Tracks Sports Through Your Feet

The wearable can also be used by amateur athletes and they can also access to whatever information they want. The miCoach Speed Cell is designed to monitor, evaluate and increase the performance of athletes across multiple sports including soccer, football, basketball, tennis and running.

Athletes are also able to wirelessly upload Speed Cell data into the app and see their real-world performance such as top speed and number of sprints power up their customized in-game avatar. This creates a seamless integration of virtual and physical challenges never seen before in the mobile gaming and sports monitoring space. Athletes can also create personalized coaching programs designed specifically for their training needs on

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell Tracks Sports Through Your Feet

You can share and compare your stats with your friends or the entire world via Facebook, Twitter or email, and get in-game rewards for your real-life workouts. The tracker is compatible with all shoe makes and models.

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell is available for $70 and can be ordered from Amazon and Adidas.


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