Saturday, September 23, 2023

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leAD, A sports accelerator based in Germany’s capital city Berlin has announced its plans to support sports technology startups in India.

A special program is set up for sports accelerator by the family of famous Adi Dassler himself has been searching Indian based startups for quite some time now looking for attributes like engagements with the fans and the supporters, innovation in technology related to sports, electronic and computer games in over ninety days long program back in Berlin.

“We feel there are a lot of passionate sports startups in the country,” Horst Bente told the media in interviews.

Horst is held the co-founder post at leAD Sports.

“India is a big market for us, which goes beyond cricket, and there is a lot of disruption taking place in sports tech,” Horst added. He also expressed his desire of investing in programs specially dedicated for India to help the start ups blossom in the country.

India has a huge market and a lot of opportunities for start ups to flourish. That all is complemented by the Indian people’s passion for sports and gaming. India has a huge and yet growing Industry of sports. Indian Premier league alone is one of the top and most valuable sports leagues of the world. It generates a handsome amount of revenue for the country. Indian Super League, India’s very own football league and a field hockey league by India are other major marvels of Indian sports industry.

So far, only one start up from India has been short listed. Rooter has found its place among the short-listed start ups out of twenty-three companies in a narrowed down list.

Another program has been set up besides this accelerator program. This new program called Advantage, is worth a fifty million dollars fund. OurCrowd, a capital platform based in Israel, has assisted in setting up this program for deserving startups looking for investments for their growth.


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