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Adidas is ready to change the sports apparel industry!

Adidas is back in the game!

Soccer is the game of strength and the will power. It is indeed one of the most popular games around the world. The kit and the gear worn to play the game have its own significance for the true geek or a football player.

Along with the other apparels, kits or gears you have to buy for you regular soccer practice or playing session. There is something which needs to be changed regularly. CLEATS- Yeah that is what we are talking about. For those who don’t know Cleats or studs are protrusions on the sole of a shoe or on an external attachment to a shoe that provide additional traction on a soft or slippery surface.

Cleats need to be changed from time and again as they wear away with constant use. The regular shoe pair during soccer session tends to be fitted with one if you need to have a comfortable time playing. Adidas has managed to solve that constant recycling, reusing or buying a new pair problems through its Sports Infinity.

Sports Infinity is Adidas’ new three year research program funded by the European Union. The purpose of this program is to develop the cleats which will be made from synthetic materials and will use no sticky chemical adhesives and will create no waste. The most beneficial purpose of these cleats is that they will be repeatedly recycled. You don’t need to throw it forever! That’s why Adidas came up with this cool slogan;

“Farewell to recycling—it is now time for infinity-cycling.”

The management of this program has recruited people from various industries with various specialties so that they can combine all their ideas together. Adidas tried to define its new venture and this current recruitment scale by saying that such a vast number of employments for a single manufacturing program is meant to create such product that can use anything from a carbon used in an aircraft manufacturing to fibers of the boots that scored during the World Cup. This implies that how serious Adidas is in making the cleats quintessential.

The sample prototype!

The company is currently working on it and there is no specific deadline for the product’s launch. The designers made a sample prototype which used waste plastic and fishing net fibers but it was discarded due to the obvious reason because the sole was still plastic Even if it was junk or whatever.

Gerd Manz, the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Adidas and the leader of the project while describing this initiative said that;

 “Over the next three years, Sport Infinity aims to end the days of throwing away football boots.  Instead, every pair of boots is not just recycled but reimagined to the customer’s most personal specifications.”

Even if the prototype was rejected, Manz’s statement still clears out our perceptions that those three years before the debut are essential and Adidas is hopeful in making a successful product. Many sports companies like Nike had previously entered in this field too but the spirit and the long promising research of Adidas is inspiring.

With how vital ecological manageability is getting to be, Adidas is making enormous, industry-driving steps. No other major sports company has taken a stab at anything as progressive—Sport Infinity could be the eventual fate of supportable games hardware. Let’s wait to see if this endeavor is a hit or a miss!

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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