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Adidas GMR Insoles Upgrade Your FIFA Game by Using Your Real World Soccer Skills


If you desire to enhance the performance of your team in FIFA- a mobile game developed by Electronic Arts, possibly it is your time to sharpen your real life skills of soccer.

Adidas launched an insole for real life soccer cleats which is capable to track various data. This smart insole launched earlier this week can track the players’ running speed, the power of the kick, distance run by the player and the ability to pass the soccer ball. The wearable, known as GMR and run through the Jacquard chip- a technology by Google is synchronized with the FIFA team, enhancing the overall rating of your mobile game improving your IRL moves.

The launching of this wearable-tech by adidas in collaboration with Google was also aided by Adam&eveDDB. The agency helped in the developmental phases of the wearable. A 90- second shot below depicts a classic battle pitch amid two playmates, together with star appearances. It is firmly ‘the numbers’, as displayed in a lively style and that score of ‘65’ is an actual jaw-dropper: https://cdn.musebycl.io/2020-03/adidasGMR%20-%20Play%20Connected.mp4

Matt Goff, joint CEO of Adam&eveDDB exclaimed joyously that it had been an amazing association for the agency to work with the most adored brands of the world and become a part in the creation of this incredible wearable-tech, having an appropriate impact. GMR insoles help players to record their speed, kick, touch and control. This whole activity is motorized by a Jacquard chip by Google placed inside the sole of the soccer boot.

Florian Alt, Global Brand Communication’s Vice President at Adidas, believes that GMR is a completely innovative approach for real-life players and gamers to utilize their creative skills for the advancement of sport.

The incredible wearable, valued at $35, can fit in the sole of any soccer boot. It’s now accessible online and in stores for use. Now soccer players can use them easily to track their performance.

WIRED – an American magazine debates that the exclusiveness of wearable to FIFA Mobile offers limited features compared with various other sports wearables. Moreover, it argues that, if Google’s processes had been proficient enough, it would have given unquestionable benefits far more than attaining attributes in a mobile game.

Adidas’ Senior Vice President, Scott Zalaznik from digital operations, while talking to the magazine says that it is the perfect time to originate the data performance in the gaming industry. Furthermore, he explained that there aren’t any parameters to Adidas GMR; the data is directed in such a way that it gives the most insightful experience to users, so that, they revisit it over and over again.

iOS and Androids are offering Adidas GMR application as well. This app will link your real-life performance with FIFA Mobile Team. The better you play soccer in your real life, the better your Mobile Team becomes.