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Adidas And Parley Sports Sneakers Are Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics


After a lot of leaks, news, and rumors, Adidas and Parley have finally revealed their new sneakers. The sneakers have been made out of the ocean waste, entirely. The initial design of the shoe was displayed last year but it has finally been brought to life.

Adidas has started to use different products and materials to make their products more close to the reality and audience. What’s more is that the sneakers are not just overshadowed by the ocean waste use and the benefits only. The latest, high-tech sneakers have zero-waste technology in the shoe’s upper part.

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 Parley for the Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch stated;

“So much work has happened behind the scenes since we launched our partnership with Adidas. We are creating new standards, new materials, and technologies that are so different to those the sporting goods industry is used to.”

The shoe is made from Parley Ocean Plastic and illegal deep-sea gillnets recycled into the fiber. The Adidas shoes implement the use of technology in the most cost-effective and useful way. Gutsch continued;

“It is an ongoing challenge, but we achieved the first step. Now we can replace new plastic with recycled marine plastic debris: Parley Ocean Plastic. We can create footwear and apparel products with it and we are ready to scale it up.”

Adidas and Parley, in order to promote their product, have announced an Instagram contest for the users who love the idea of recycling the ocean waste.  Those who want to enter the contest must submit a video of themselves showing how they will protect themselves from using single-use plastic items. The competition will be live on July 31st and will award fifty pairs to the winners of this special contest.

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Adidas’ recent shoes have a lot of potentials to make their place in the market. The shoes have the design of Primeknit Adidas shoes. The green wave pattern across the uppers is knit from the recycled gill nets while the rest of the upper is created using waste plastic collected around the Maldives.

Adidas and Parley’s sneakers are not only protecting the ocean waste but are meant for the aggressive runners too. The shoes are soft and easy to wear and will help runners and athletes survive their workouts without any pain and problem.

The shoes by the Adidas are expected to release in the second half of this year. Let’s wait and see how well the market reception for this product will be!


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