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Adidas Acquires Runtastic – Shutting down miCoach


Runtastic was bought back by Adidas in 2015, which is a fitness and digital health platform. Since 2015, this sports giant has been working hard to consolidate its digital products. In order to end this, the company has announced that it is shutting down its own miCoach service and it will focus on Runtastic instead.

Runstastic Over miCoach:

Runtastic has more features as compared to miCoach and its popularity is evidenced by more than 200 million Android and iPhone downloads. Moreover, there are 100 million registered users. This software enables you to track your jogging, walking, running, other fitness activities and also cycling. You can also set exercise goals and share sports activities with other users. It is compatible and integrated with lots of services and third-party applications. On the other hand, new users would not be able to register for miCoach now. However, existing users will have no problem in continuing to use it. This service will be available for two more years but there will be no updates in miCoach now. After December 31st 2018, all data of miCoach would be deleted.

Signing up for Runtastic:

You will need to sign up to a new Runtastic account and when you do it, your current workout information will move from over miCoach. This information includes distance, time, pace, duration, calories, average speed, heart rate, workout notes and GPS routes.

There could also be some loss of information in the migrating process but most of it will run smoothly. Even after you have migrated, you can still keep on using miCoach application and all your workouts will stay synchronized with Runtastic.

Adidas Acquiring Runtastic:

Combining Runtastic’s and Adidas group’s capabilities, Adidas group has obtained a prime position to unleash its knowledge of sport. Runtastic’s dynamism, high energy and fast pace will speed up Adidas ability to reach both partners combines vision in order to make sport inspiring for everyone.


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