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Adidas’ 4D Tech Sunglasses (Limited Edition) Incorporates 3D-Printed Sneaker Technology

adidas 4D tech sunglasses

Launching really soon are the Adidas’ 4D Tech Sunglasses (Limited Edition). These incorporate its own 3D-Printed Sneaker Technology.

Adidas 4D tech line has made several advancements recently. Out of its really unique and innovative items, these new 4D Tech Sunglasses use the same technological schemas as its sneakers. Weighing only 20 grams, each pair is made of a flexible nylon lattice structure. The same material that is used to make the midsoles of Adidas’ sneakers. Its polycarbonate lenses are entirely lightweight. The frame is treated with a rubber coating and non-slip points are attached to the nose pads and arms to ensure that the sunglasses do not slip off while during exercise.

Adidas 3D CMPT Sunglasses

With just 150 pairs to be made available till the end of August, the sunglasses are sure going to deal up with some serious competition. Since a lot of high-tech brands have recently been working on their smart glasses and sunglasses.


Adidas uses the Digital Light Synthesis procedure to perform 3D Printing. A sequence of UV images is projected into the resin. A platform rises in the resin which is solidified through the use of oxygen. This process is quite cheaper as compared to other 3D printing methods. It allows Adidas to develop a large number of sneakers than it would do so using traditional methods. With the 4D line, production became limited. But now 4D sneakers have become available in bulk.

Adidas 3D CMPT Sunglasses

Estimated to be at a price of $400 something on Adidas official website, these Adidas’ 4D Tech Sunglasses (Limited Edition) will be one of a kind. Stately and elegant, they will define class. Currently, they will be a limited edition, but a year or so from now and you will get to see Adidas printed sunglasses in many markets globally.


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