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Add Unpredictability And Energy To Your Workouts With BlazePod: The Flash Reflex Training System

Isn’t predictability, repetition and monotony is what repels you from regular gym? Are you bored of the same set of exercises daily?

It’s time for you to challenge yourself with BlazePod.

BlazePod is here to spice things up for your workout routine.  Since repetition is the energy killer in workouts, BlazePod is here to kill repetition.  It comes with an entirely different and innovative approach to exercise. It works with visual cues – the pods – which challenge your agility and reaction time.

The wireless and portable system of BlazePod uses lights and sensors pre-programmed different levels of exercise modules. The light sensors give you commands which are random and urge you to react promptly. It is the complete opposite of a routine. It supercharges your workouts and forces you to use your mind and body in a sync to enhance your speed and reflexes.

Yaniv Shneiderman, founder and CEO of BlazePod said, “BlazePod started as a fun side project. One of my best friends, a personal trainer, asked me to create a light system to help him train his students. I love tech challenges; it’s both my profession and my hobby, so I decided to go for it. He uploaded a video of the workout on Facebook, and I got a bunch of requests for the system. I explained it’s not a product, but people kept on asking, so I decided to make it one.”

The device is based on a very simple technology. The app has more than 100 pre-programmed exercises. As you choose any one, each pod lights up and prompts the user to move. The pods are water-resistant and smash-proof to flawlessly integrate into exercises, enhancing your reaction time, speed, stamina, balance, reflexes and mind-body synchronization.

Users can opt for training modules of varying level of difficulty and also measure their performance down to the millisecond. Depending upon the module and exercise, the device can work with as few as 2 to as many as 24 pods. The pods also come with straps and suction cups to attach them to poles, fences, doors, mirrors, and almost all flat surfaces.

Another appealing feature is that more than one person can also workout at the same time, which means a whole bunch of fitness buff friends working out together! Isn’t that just so thrilling?

The project is up on Kickstarter; with your support and backup you can expect delivery in October 2017.

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