ACTREK: The Most Feature Rich Fitness And Sports Wearable


Fitbit, Jawbone and the rest of the famous fitness trackers have something to worry about now. The Actrek fitness tracker has appeared on Indiegogo and has promised us a lot more than the typical fitness wearables available today. If the wearable manages to fulfill the crowdfunding and the features it is promising, then we are definitely going to see a new era of fitness wearables.

ACTREK: The Most Feature Rich Fitness And Sports Wearable

Actrek is a product of US startup Entanti. The company has a group of different talented designers which have previously worked for big names like HP, LG, and Sony etc. Entanti has claimed that Actrek will have more than 50 features into a sleek body. Yes, 50 is a very big figure! Moreover, as per the details, there would be sleep tracking, nutritional advice, fitness details and sports technology all crammed up into a single band.

Due to different sensors technologies and the combination of different algorithms, the wearable will introduce many different features which are not a part of any fitness tracker yet. Choose your favorite sports, set your own fitness goals, track your progress, adjust your lifestyle and motivate yourself to live a healthier life.

ACTREK: The Most Feature Rich Fitness And Sports Wearable
Specifications And Features of ACTREK

Achieving better fitness requires adequate exercise, eating properly and good sleep. Actrek Smart Fitness System can help by providing comprehensive tracking, analyzing and guiding capabilities to lead you to achieve your fitness goals effectively and efficiently. Actrek monitors your daily activities including your activity level, your nutritional patterns, and your sleep quality. Using your present fitness condition and your goals, Actrek’s Smart Fitness algorithm will find the relationship between your behaviors and your overall fitness scores. Once the correlation is established, Actrek’s Smart Fitness algorithm will provide you reports of how well you are doing and suggestions of how to do them better.

Acktrek’s patented design does more than just recording movements, such as tossing and turning during sleep. The technology is capable of detecting snore as well as determining who is snoring in a room and also monitors many other vital signs. Once snoring is detected and the overall sleep quality decreases to a critical level, Actrek generates a gentle stimulus to alert you and restore your sleep back to normal.

ACTREK: The Most Feature Rich Fitness And Sports Wearable

The device offers the tracking help to many different sports like swimming, basketball, and biking etc. Apart from helping in sports, the wearable can also be used in the gym for workout managements etc. There is a lot more to Actrek than the simple fitness and sports tracking. The wearable is opening new dimensions into the tech world and is combining the power of many different wearables into a single body.

All the data will be sent to the users through an Android or iOS app. The waterproof body will be able to pop out when you want and also include Heart rate monitor and GPS. The wearable is up on Indiegogo and has succeeded in completing 51% of its goal. The wearable lovers should back the project right now for $199. The final retail price of the product will be $279.