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Activ5 – Your Portable Fitness Device

Activ5 is mobile app and a portable workout device that coaches you through low impact, isometric based workouts in as little as 5 minutes a day. Following are some  key features of Activ5, as a portable fitness device and mobile app:

  • Portable fitness device that fits in your pocket
  • Tones and strengthens your muscles
  • Bluetooth enables
  • Battery life of 6 months
  • Durable form factor measures up to 200 pounds of pressure
  • Enable over 50 isometric exercises
  • Exercise summary screens track your progress
  • Workouts personalized to your fitness level

Activ5 exercises are fun, fast workouts which keeps you going through out the entire day. It tones your body from both standing and sitting positions, tracking results. You can also reap awards from Activ5’s more challenging isometric workouts designed to increase strength by almost 30% in 6 weeks. You can also set reminders for desired workout sessions. You can also play casual games while getting fit by downloading Activ5’s library of games and start working out. It personalizes every workout based on your individual goals and fitness level. Everyone from college athletes to senior citizens will enjoy and could be challenged by Activ5.

Moreover, Activ5 features over 100 exercises, uniquely designed for busy moms and dads while travelling professionals, enabling exercise in the office, while watching TV, in hotel and even in the car or plane. Talking about exercise, a strong core is important for everyday tasks such as lifting, bending, twisting or carrying loads, Activ5 play its part in giving you more power for sports. Isometric exercise reduces body fat and weight, also lowering down the blood pressure. Range of motion is also increased by working out daily, increasing the bulk of muscles along with a decrease in bone fractures. It provides with high endurance exercise, as metabolic changes from a 30 second isometric contraction of the quads is similar to those of 30 seconds maximum sprint


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